What is Intentional Living?

What is intentional living?

It’s not a hippy movement. It’s not a fad. It’s a decision made by everyday people to be intentional in their everyday choices. It’s the constant question of why. Why do I choose to recycle; why do I choose this grocery store?

Why live intentionally?

Living intentionally allows you to lead a life you are proud of. When living an intentional life you empower yourself to be in control of your impact on yourself, on your environment, and on the people around you.

Most people living intentionally are seeking ways in which they can positively improve themselves and/or the environment around them. This is where you should start. Here are 6 steps to live a conscious life:

  1. Write down your personal priorities - What is important to my physical and spiritual self?

  2. Write down your environmental priorities - What is important for my environment?

  3. Pick 1 regular habit every week to analyze - What do I do to myself and my environment by choosing this habit?

  4. Research any questions you may have about the relationship between the habit and the priority - In what ways am I impacting myself and my environment by choosing this habit? Does that align with my priorities?

  5. Choose your reaction - How will I adapt my habit now that I have learned this information?

  6. Repeat - What other habits can I analyze?

Continuing these steps every day will adapt your way of thinking. You will slowly move away from living on auto-pilot and move toward living an intentional life.

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