Engaging With Nature This Spring

Now that winter is over everyone is feeling a little more inspired to get back to their favorite outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, climbing, running, and rafting our way around this enticing state is top priority, and in all of this excitement it’s easy to forget to reconnect with your neighborhood! Colorado’s backyard is the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, but you can make your neighborhood so beautiful you’ll be eager to go home and relax after a long weekend of adventuring. We’re here to encourage you to work together with your neighbors in an effort to improve your neighborhood, town, and city.

We’ve put together a few suggestions to help you get a jump start on helping your neighborhood and community to blossom with spring!

  • New Attitude: the first and most important thing that needs to happen is the adoption of a good attitude. You have a great opportunity to make a difference in your community, and the only two things you need are your voice and your actions! Don’t let thoughts of doubt stop you from creating an inspiring environment!

  • Communication: this cleanup shouldn’t just be about your physical community, but also your neighbors! Take this opportunity to reconnect with the neighbors you haven’t seen all winter, the neighbors you have seen, and the new people in your neighborhood. Does anyone in your neighborhood need help with their lawn/sidewalk? Is anyone interested in a clean-up party at your local park? Creating connections with your neighbors makes your neighborhood a safer and more enjoyable place to call home.

  • Reaching out: so your home and your neighborhood is clean and happy, ready for an eventful spring. What about your town/city? As the weather gets warmer it is more likely you’ll find initiatives within your city to clean up places like waterways and parks. Just a quick Google search will provide you with opportunities to improve the parts of your town or city that don’t get as much attention as they should. Didn’t find anything in your Google search? Reach out to your government officials to express your expectations of a clean environment!

If you give yourself one evening a week to get out of your house and make your neighborhood cleaner you’ll set yourself, your family, and your community up for a beautiful summer in a town or city you can all be proud of.

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