A Cool Home In A Hot Summer

After a surprisingly hot spring, summer is finally here! A lot of people are cranking up their A/C and heading to their local pool, and a lot of people are looking for heat relief in ways that aren’t so harmful to the environment.. So how can you stay cool while also being kind to the earth?

One way to keep your body, earth, and budget happy is to unplug your electronics when you’re not using them. Household electronics and appliances let off heat that seems inconsequential. It’s not! In hot temps like this, every degree counts. Unplugging every outlet every morning is a chore, we get it, which is why we are so excited about smart powerstrips. Smart powerstrips allow you to pug in a variety of electronics (ie your entertainment devices) that work together. When these electronics go on power-save mode, the strip shuts them off completely! The best part? You can find them on amazon or google for as low as $30!

Pro tip: unplug your dryer for the season! It’s hot and mother nature is happy to dry those clean clothes for you. You can even set up retractable clotheslines in your home! Utilize google or send us a message to learn how easy it is to set this up!

Have you ever been sitting on a hot day wondering how your grandma survived the heat of summer without A/C? It’s likely she used a day/night system that trapped the cool air from the night and blocked out the hot temps from the day. You can master this technique by turning your fan on in your open windows at night. The fan will suck the cool night air in and flush the hot air out. Then, as you wake up, shut the windows and the curtains to keep the hot sun out. This technique won’t keep your place as cool as 24/7 A/C, but it will lower your in-home temps considerably.

Pro tip: keep your fans on! The airflow increases evaporation time of moisture on your skin, which will keep you and your pets feeling cooler throughout the day!

Let's talk windows! We all consider ourselves window literate.They open, they close, they lock, and with two open you’re more likely to get a airflow current to run through your space. But wait, there's more! Installing double hung windows allows you to open the bottom section as well as the top section of a window, creating a draft. This means you don’t need open windows on opposite sides of the room to create a draft. These windows create airflow in your space even if you only have windows on one wall!

Pro tip: if you’re installing new windows you should also look into shutters. Putting something between the sun and your windows will dramatically decrease the heating effect the sun has on your home.

LED lights. Need we say more? If you haven’t heard all the perks of LED lights, we suggest you take the next ten minutes to spend time with google and learn the plethora of reasons to switch your bulbs. If you have heard, then you know that your budget will be just as happy as your thermostat when you screw in these energy saving light bulbs that don’t release any heat into your home.

Who loves plants? Big trees in your yard and vines on your walls will be a game changer in summer months. The trees provide shade on your home and your outdoor living space, allowing you to hide from that sun better. Vines on your exterior walls not only look neat, but they act as insulation. The sun that would normally heat up your walls is instead used in the vine’s photosynthesis process.. Talk about win-win!

Pro tip: put your potted plants in your windows so they can act as yet another shade for that summer sun!

The last thing we want to talk about is your cooking/eating habits. Its summer and it’s hot, so you should already be avoiding hot food in an effort to keep your body cool. Nobody wants to be standing over a hot stove this time of year! However, we think you should still be able to enjoy some pizza or baked fish… but how? By waiting until the evening/night to do your oven work, and keeping your windows open and fan on, you’ll be saving your apartment from the inevitable heat stroke an oven tends to offer!

Pro tip: a toaster oven is a great alternative to your conventional oven!

Have fun exploring these options, and feel free to send us a message if you have any questions!

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