Considerations for Custom Designs

Are you looking to update your space with custom designs and woodwork? It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, so we thought we'd put together a few tips:

Take your time! Taking time to get to know your current living space will allow you to know exactly what you want out of your newly created space. While you’re living in your old space make notes, lists, and conversations about your wants and needs. Examine your lifestyle thoroughly to ensure this space is designed to make your life more efficient and enjoyable.

When you’re ready to hire an architect or designer, be thorough. Find a company that you trust, and keep in mind that it is in their best interest to sell you things. By knowing what you want you’ll ensure you’re spending your money as you wish to! An example is LED lights installed in drawers. At first it sounds like a great idea, but with more information and contemplation you may realize that those lights will cost excess money in electrical adjustments and may end up turning into a hassle a few years down the line. If this lighting is not imperative to functionality it may be a better decision to avoid it. In the same breath we want to explicitly tell you to have a concrete understanding of how your designer charges for their work. Some have a concrete fee, others mark-up their fees depending on the job. Most designers mark up all the products and materials they specify and order for your projects and this is part of their fee. Others do not mark up products- in fact even have you or the contractor order the materials and they work for a set fee. Make sure that you understand their fee structure.

When choosing materials it is very helpful to bring samples to your house and place them in the area of the room that they will occupy. Natural lighting is very specific to location and you want to ensure that the colors and textures you’re imagining are going to look good in their specific lighting.

Remember that home improvement shows are great for inspiration but are not realistic when it comes to time. You will not be able to hire someone, take a vacation for a week, then come back to your newly remodeled space. In actuality there are a lot of different people and trades working together to create this space for you and their schedules don’t always line up perfectly.

Once you know what you want and have a designer, understand that you will likely not be picking your construction team. Your designer will find woodworkers/millworkers that they trust and enjoy working with. These craftsmen will be coming in and out of your home throughout the remodel and it makes a huge difference for you to have a positive relationship with them. Creating communication that is honest and kind, and an attitude that is optimistic, is paramount to having a good experience through the slightly invasive part of the remodel.

The last thing we want to give as advice is patience. All of these different people are working hard to create the best space you can buy, and sometimes that means taking an extra bit of time to ensure they’re doing their best. Keeping open communication and a patient attitude will allow them to more confidently work on your project and allow you to endure your wait time with a little less angst.

Enjoy your remodel!

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