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Photo from: Newsweek

The owner and president of our company, Bence Kovacs, is a man that believes in minimalism, helping others, and giving 100% to everything he does. We love that he brings his thoughtful, conscious thinking to the workshop and we’re even more excited to announce that he’ll be bringing that thinking and his woodworking/design skills to Nepal in February!

On April 25, 2015 an 8.1 magnitude earthquake named the Gorkha earthquake was experienced by the residences of Kathmandu and the surrounding area. The earthquake, and the aftershocks that followed, were felt throughout Nepal and into India, China, and Bangladesh. According to Newsweek.com, Gorkha killed over 9,000 people and destroyed over 600,000 structures. It has been over 2.5 years since this tragic event and still the people of Nepal and a few volunteer organizations are trying to rebuild.. Which is where Bence comes in!

Bence will join All Hands Volunteer to rebuild schools for the children near Kathmandu! “All Hands Volunteers is a volunteer-powered disaster relief organization dedicated to rebuilding hope for people impacted by natural disasters all over the world.” https://www.hands.org This organization is especially inspiring because they focus on the most under-served communities that are typically outside of the public eye, which usually results in them being the only organization helping those people. This volunteer organization has been helping people affected by natural disasters since 2004, and we’re really excited to be joining efforts with them in February!

A few quotes from Bence:

“I am hoping the projects I will be assigned to will benefit from my wide skill set that I’ve acquired through my education and career. I am also looking forward to get further involved with All Hands to explore more areas where I can help!”

“Thanks to my awesome team, I can step away from the day-to-day operations of EliSons for a month and know that our exceptional quality of product and service will stay intact!”

If you would like to learn more about Bence’s trip or donate to the cause, please visit https://give.hands.org/fundraise?fcid=1168231

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